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Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship
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Can Singapore Permanent Residents/ non-Singapore citizens apply for this scholarship?

No, the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship is only open to Singapore Citizens.

Is there any age restriction for applicants of the scholarship?


Is the scholarship open to applicants from all professions?

Yes, we are open to considering applicants from all professions.

I am currently in the final year of my undergraduate studies and intend to pursue my postgraduate studies following graduation. Am I eligible for the Lee Kuan Yew scholarship?

You may submit an application as long as the outcomes of your postgraduate applications are available by March of the following year. Your scholarship will only be confirmed after you have received your final results and degree classification for your undergraduate degree.

I am in the midst of pursuing my Master's/PhD studies. Can I apply for this scholarship?

Yes, you can apply for this scholarship, provided that you have at least two academic terms remaining from the point of application.

I intend to pursue my postgraduate studies in a subsequent academic year, rather than in the upcoming academic year. When should I apply for the scholarship?

The current scholarship application exercise is for applicants who intend to pursue their postgraduate studies in the upcoming academic year (AY). For example, if you intend to commence your studies in AY 2023/24, you should apply for the scholarship in the 2023 application exercise. If you intend to pursue your studies in a subsequent AY, you may wish to consider applying in subsequent application cycles.

I am interested in applying for the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Scholarship and I am currently in receipt of / applying for another scholarship. Can I accept both scholarships if I am found suitable for both of them or must I choose between the two scholarships?

The Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship allows recipients to hold concurrent scholarships. However, please check the terms and conditions of the other scholarship to ensure that you are allowed to hold both scholarships concurrently.

Can I apply if I do not have a Second Class Upper Honours Degree or equivalent?

Yes, you may apply. Applications will be assessed holistically, taking into consideration applicants' track record of professional achievements, leadership, contributions to the community, etc.

Can I pursue part-time studies under the scholarship?

You are encouraged to pursue full-time studies if you are awarded the scholarship.

Do I need to provide formal documentation for my ECA/CCA records?

If you do not have formal CCA records or have misplaced them, you may submit alternative documents that show your involvement.

Must I have secured a place at a university prior to applying for the scholarship?

You need not have secured a university place before the submission of your application. However, you should indicate in your application form the universities that you have applied to.

Do I need to take pre-admission tests for this scholarship application?

No, you do not need to take pre-admission (e.g. TOEFL, GRE or GMAT) specifically for this scholarship application. However, you should check with the universities that you are applying to, on their requirements for admission.

What are the courses of study allowed under the scholarship?

There is no restriction on the course of study. Past recipients of the scholarship have pursued a wide range of disciplines, including Law, Business Management, Life Sciences, Music, and specialised medical fields.

Are my referees required to send in their referral letters together with my scholarship application?

No, your referees need not submit any letters at the point of your application. We will get in touch with them if you are shortlisted for an interview.

Are tuition fees covered under the scholarship?

The scholarship provides a one-off sum or an annual allowance. Scholarship recipients may use these funds to cover tuition fees or other costs.

How many rounds of selection are there for scholarship?

Following the submission of completed applications, selected applicants will be required to take psychometric tests. Details will be provided in February. Shortlisted applicants will subsequently be invited for an interview with the Selection Committee.

What should I do if there are updates to my application after I have submitted the application in the portal?

You will not need to update your application once your application has been submitted. If you are shortlisted for further assessment, we will reach out to you for updates.