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Are Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) eligible for the PSC Scholarships?

Singapore Citizens may apply for the PSC Scholarships.

If you are a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) who is keen to apply for the Ministry Scholarships, you may continue to submit a complete scholarship application to our portal. Alternatively, you may apply for the PSC Scholarships after you have obtained Singapore Citizenship.

What are the academic criteria for PSC undergraduate scholarships?

Students with A levels should generally offer at least 10 Academic Units (AUs). General Paper (GP), Project Work (PW), Mother Tongue Language (MTL) at A-level or Higher MTL at O-level, and other H1 subjects are considered as 1 AU. H2 subjects, including Knowledge and Inquiry (KI), are considered as 2 AUs. H3 subjects are considered as 1 AU.

Students with qualifications other than A levels, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB), NUS High School and polytechnic diplomas are also eligible to be considered for PSC scholarships.

Are H3 subjects a requirement for PSC scholarships? Will applicants with H3 subjects be considered favourably over others?

H3 subjects are not required for PSC scholarships application. They are designed to allow exceptional students to pursue a subject or area in which they have the interest and aptitude. Therefore, students should pursue H3 subjects according to their passion. Applicants with H3 subjects will not be considered favourably over others, as H3 subjects only serve to provide an indication of the students' interest and aptitude in a particular area.

May I apply for a SAF or SPF Scholarship even though I have not enlisted for National Service?

Yes. If you apply for a SAF or SPF Scholarship before being enlisted for National Service, PSC can still make a provisional scholarship offer, based on the information in your application package. You will need to qualify for Officer Cadet School (OCS) to be considered for the SAF/SPF Scholarship. Your provisional scholarship will be confirmed after you have been assessed by SAF or SPF to have met the military criteria.

Will I be considered for the PSC Scholarship/SAF Scholarship/SPF Scholarship if I am not in Officer Cadet School?

Only officer cadets are eligible for the SAF/SPF Scholarships, as successful candidates have to serve a bond with the Singapore Armed Forces or the Singapore Police Force as commissioned officers. You do not need to be in OCS in order to be considered for the PSC Scholarship. However, you must maintain good performance in National Service.

29 Mar 2023