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When can I apply for the PSC scholarships? Can I apply before my A-level/IB/NUSHS/Polytechnic final examination results are released?

The application period is from 1 Sep to 15 March each year for undergraduate scholarships (including mid-term scholarships) and the PSC Master's Scholarship. We encourage you to submit your application early. By starting on your application form early, you will have more time to prepare and submit your essay, video presentation and supporting documents. This will also give you an opportunity to seek clarity on your scholarship application at an early stage.

The PSC interviews candidates between January to May each year. Provisional scholarship offers may be made before the release of the A level / IB / NUSHS / Polytechnic final examination results. These scholarships are confirmed upon the release of the respective results.

Should I apply for the scholarship now or only after I have completed my National Service?

You need not wait till after you have completed your National Service to apply. You can submit your application any time before the closing date. Applicants with National Service obligations are highly encouraged to start early and submit their scholarship applications before enlisting for National Service. If you are shortlisted for the scholarship, time-off will be granted for you to attend these scholarship-related activities e.g. psychological interview or panel interview.

What information do I need before I start my online application?
  • A valid Singpass
  • Personal and family members' particulars (e.g. Name, NRIC no., Date of Birth, Occupation)
  • Schools Attended and Period of Studies
  • Pre-tertiary academic results (e.g. GCE A-level, International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma)
  • University results (for Mid-term and Master's scholarship applicants)
  • Co-curricular Activities records, prizes and awards
  • University application outcomes (statuses can include 'Pending Application')
Do I need to have a confirmed university offer before applying for a PSC scholarship?

You do not need to have a confirmed university offer at the time of application for PSC scholarships. PSC scholarships are awarded based on merit. All applicants, with or without a university offer, will be awarded a scholarship if they are found suitable.

Do I have to complete the online application form in one sitting?

No. You can save the information you have entered and continue with the application at the next login.

The application form has to be submitted before you are able to submit your essay and supporting documents. If you wish to work on your essay concurrently while completing your application form, please remember to save your essay by clicking the "save" button on the essay page.

The scholarship application process is as follows:

Step 1: Submission of Application form and Video presentation

Step 2: Submission of Essay

Step 3: Submission of Supporting documents

How should I fill in my online application form to indicate my interest for the PSC Scholarship (Engineering)?

The PSC Scholarship (Engineering) is introduced in partnership with the three engineering clusters in the Public Service, namely the (i) Defence and Security (D&S), (ii) Information and Communications Technology & Smart Systems (ICT&SS), and (iii) Infrastructure & Environment (I&E). PSC Scholarship (Engineering) holders will be assigned a parent agency in one of these three clusters, depending on your preference and suitability for the agency. In your application form, under the Career and Course Preferences, please indicate one or more of the following options as your career choices:

  • Engineering (D&S)
  • Engineering (ICT&SS)
  • Engineering (I&E)

Your first choice of course should correspondingly be an engineering or related discipline supported by the engineering parent agencies in your career preference. You may refer to the list of supported courses by the various engineering clusters and parent agencies under the PSC Scholarship (Engineering).

How should I fill in my online application form to indicate my interest for the PSC Scholarship (Public Finance)?

In your application form, under the Career and Course Preferences section, you should indicate either Accounting Service or Auditing Service as your top career choice. Your top choice of course and university applications must include Accountancy.

How should I fill in my online application form to indicate my interest for the PSC Scholarship (Sustainability) or PSC Master's Scholarship (Sustainability)?

In your application form, under Career and Course Preferences section, you should indicate Public Administration (Sustainability) as your top career choice.

How can I be sure that my application form has been successfully submitted through the application portal?

You will receive an email acknowledgement upon successful submission of your application form, essay and supporting documents.

I have applied for a PSC Scholarship before. Can I apply again?

You may re-apply in a subsequent year stating your new qualifications and/or achievements.

29 Mar 2023