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Developmental Opportunities
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What is PSC's "philosophy" on grooming scholarship holders?

We are committed to providing scholarship holders the opportunities to develop their potential to the fullest.

A suite of development programmes has been curated to induct scholarship holders into the Public Service and to give them invaluable insights into the business of government. The grooming process starts from Day 1 of the scholarship and continues even after they have embarked on their careers. The range of activities that we encourage our scholarship holders to take on is vast, from exchange programmes at their university, to community service activities or internships. The rule of thumb is that if it prepares them for their career in the service, we would consider sponsoring them.

What development programmes are there for PSC scholarship holders during their studies?

You may read up more on these programmes here.

What are the developmental programmes PSC Scholarship (Public Finance) holders can benefit from?

During your studies, PSC Scholarship (Public Finance) holders will participate in developmental programmes, including internships, and benefit from close mentorship from both the PSC and your parent agency.

After you return from your studies, you will undergo induction training programmes with your parent agency to equip you with broad-based knowledge of public finance work, particularly in accounting or auditing. You will also be given training opportunities to develop your leadership skills. These include various milestone programmes, coaching/mentoring, and opportunities to participate in cross-agency project teams.

Can I source for my own vacation attachments or internship programmes, even if it is with a private organisation or MNC during my studies?

Yes. We encourage our scholarship holders to be resourceful and exercise initiative in getting vacation attachments. Apart from attachments, we encourage our scholarship holders to broaden their horizons and hone their global perspectives by embracing a diversity of learning opportunities. These are some examples of activities that PSC would encourage them to:

  • Do a summer school in another university
  • Explore the region on a student exchange programme with their university
  • Go for an Operations Raleigh or other community projects in the region and experience another culture
What are my postgraduate options under the PSC Scholarships?

It is not a mandatory requirement for you to attain a postgraduate degree to work in the Public Service. However, scholarship holders who are keen to add diversity and depth to their academic experience are able to seek the PSC's approval for sponsorship of a Master's programme.

Scholarship holders studying in English speaking countries (e.g. the UK or US) are sponsored for up to 4 years of studies (undergraduate and postgraduate). Such scholarship holders are encouraged to instead pursue a postgraduate degree in non-English speaking countries or Singapore to acquire a more diverse experience. They are allowed an additional one year to complete the postgraduate programme, subject to the PSC's approval.

Scholarship holders studying in non-English speaking countries would be given up to 6 years to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

29 Mar 2023