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Shape Singapore’s FutureApply for the PSC Master’s Scholarships for a dynamic and meaningful career in the Singapore Public Service.
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Step 1Prepare Your Supporting Documents

Before working on your application form, it is recommended that you gather all the supporting documents required, for ease of uploading and cross-checking them. The documents required for the PSC Master's Scholarships application are:

  • Secondary 4/Year 4 Year End School Academic Reports (including results and teachers' comments)

  • Secondary 4/Year 4 Co-curricular Activities (CCA) and Community Involvement Programme (CIP) Records

  • Pre-tertiary CCA and CIP Records

  • Certificates of Academic Qualification Obtained (e.g. GCE O-level, GCE A-level, International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma, other high school diploma or equivalent). You need not include your preliminary examination results. 

  • University Academic Transcripts

  • University CCA Records

  • Employment Testimonials (if applicable)

  • NS Certificate of Service and Testimonial (if applicable)

  • Public Service Internship Testimonials (if applicable)

Step 2Login Via Singpass

You are required to have a valid Singpass account to access and submit the scholarship application form.

Singpass Button

Ensure you have the following information on hand, which are required fields of the application form.

  • Personal and Family Members' Particulars (e.g. Name, NRIC no., Date of Birth, Occupation)

  • GCE O-level Results

  • Pre-tertiary Academic Results (e.g. GCE A-level, International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma, other high school diploma or equivalent). You need not  include your preliminary examination results. 

  • University Results for Each Semester

  • Co-curricular Activities Records, Prizes, and Awards

  • University Application and Outcomes

Step 3Submit Your Application

Step 3a – Application Form & Essay

Your application form consists of the following sections:

  • Personal & Family Details

  • Education History

  • Achievements

  • Career and Course Preferences

  • University Applications

  • Other Details

  • Declaration

You are also required to submit an essay to accompany your application form.

Step 3b – Upload Your Supporting Documents

Once uploaded, submit your application. Your application is only considered complete when you have (i) furnished all the details required in the application form and submitted it; (ii) completed and submitted your essay; and (iii) uploaded and submitted all your supporting documents.

Step 3c – Receive A Video Interview Link & Complete Your Video Interview

After successful submission of your application, you will receive a video interview link within 7 days. Follow the instructions provided carefully.

Step 4Receive Application Outcome

You should receive an application outcome by June.

if shortlisted

Step 5Undergo Assessments & Interview

Congratulations! If shortlisted, you will receive information on the next assessment rounds.

Psychometric Assessments – these are meant to assess your general, verbal and numerical reasoning abilities.

Game-Based Assessments – these provide an understanding of your natural attributes. At the end of the assessment, you will receive your own report for your review and use in self-development.

Psychological Interview – this provides an in-depth report of your motivations, interests and values, to give the board a sense of who you are.

Your performance in the various assessments would be taken into consideration when deciding on further shortlisting. Only candidates who complete all assessments will undergo a panel interview with the Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarships Selection Board (PSSB).

Assessments and interviews run from August each year to June in the following year.

Step 6Receive Your Interview Outcome

You may receive your outcome within two weeks after your interview. Some evaluations take longer, so please do not worry if you do not receive an outcome within the timeframe stated. All outcomes should be received by June.

You may receive the following interview outcomes:

  1. Not suitable for PSC Scholarship (reflected as Unsuccessful in the Scholarship Portal) – don’t be disheartened if you receive this outcome. There are other routes to the Public Service!

  2. Offered PSC Scholarship – Congratulations! We will get in touch with you on follow-ups and what you can expect next.