Before starting work in the Public Service, PSC Scholarship holders attend development programmes to prepare themselves for a public sector career.


Preparatory Course


As the first milestone programme, the Preparatory Course introduces scholarship holders to the Public Service, and to each other. The programme comprises:


  • Learning journeys to public sector agencies, to expose scholarship holders to their future work, colleagues, and potential challenges
  • Personal mastery training, to allow scholarship holders to reflect on their commitments to the Public Service, and prepare for university life
  • Team-building activities


PSC Scholarship Holders’ Mid-Course Programme (PSMP)


Held mid-way through undergraduate studies, the PSMP gives scholarship holders an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Public Service, take stock of their experiences to date, and catch up with fellow scholarship holders. The programme comprises:


  • Talks, seminars and training sessions meant to keep future policymakers up to date and get them to continue thinking about the issues Singapore faces 
  • An internship at a ministry/public agency, for scholarship holders to gain work experience and learn from public officers on the job
  • A Community Involvement Programme, to expose scholarship holders to ground realities and strengthen their understanding of policy issues