What The PSC Does

The Public Service Commission safeguards the fundamental principles of integrity, impartiality, and meritocracy in the Singapore Public Service. It is a neutral and independent body which carries out its work without fear or favour.


Key Responsibilities


  1. Selecting and Developing PSC Scholarship Holders: The PSC Scholarships aim to attract and nurture talent who have leadership potential for the Civil Service.


  2. Appointing and Promoting Top Talent: The PSC is the authority for the appointment of officers to the Administrative Service, as well as appointments and promotions to senior management ranks (Superscale D or Grade 7 and above). The PSC also considers candidates for appointment as Chief Executive Officers of Statutory Boards and assesses their suitability for promotion to Superscale D or Grade 7 and above. The PSC ensures impartiality in the process of selecting the best person for the job.


  3. Maintaining Discipline: The PSC is the authority for the dismissal and disciplinary control of civil servants. It has delegated to the Permanent Secretaries and Director of Prisons its authority to discipline certain populations of civil servants for minor misconduct. As an independent body, it ensures that officers who misconduct themselves are treated fairly and consistently, regardless of rank or seniority.


  4. Acting as the Final Appellate Board: Following the devolution of several of its functions to a hierarchy of personnel boards in 1995, the PSC continues to maintain a check on the Civil Service personnel system through its role as the final board of appeal. As the final board of appeal in cases where officers disagree with decisions taken by the personnel boards and Appeals Board, the PSC weeds out any bias and prejudice in the system, and ensures that officers are treated fairly and consistently. 

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