Wee Poh Hsien

Building and Construction Authority

Name: Wee Poh Hsien
Year Awarded Scholarship: 2015
Scholarship Scheme: BCA Local Undergraduate Scholarship
Undergraduate University: National University of Singapore
Undergraduate Course: Civil Engineering

1. Why did you take up a BCA Undergraduate scholarship?

I did a 3-month internship at BCA after my A Levels. During these 3 months, I realized the importance of BCA in ensuring a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment in Singapore. I was deeply inspired to contribute to this cause and to use my technical skills as a civil engineer to improve the built environment.

2. What opportunities for development have you been given as a BCA Undergraduate scholarship holder?

I have been given opportunities by BCA to develop my leadership skills and to grow as an individual. I attended leadership camps and participated in Singapore Seminar 2016, where I engaged in insightful and enriching discussions with other public sector agencies’ scholars on exceptionalism in Singapore. I have also had dialogue sessions with the Senior Management to learn more about BCA and the ways that I could meaningfully contribute to it. BCA has also provided me with numerous internship opportunities where I managed to visit bomb shelters and gained site experiences. I was also exposed to disciplines outside of my course, such as mechanical and electrical engineering. I was lucky to be mentored by senior colleagues who are really experienced and knowledgeable. These experiences are extremely valuable to me as I would not be able to have such opportunities in school.

3. Share with us a couple of highlights from your scholarship journey.

While I am not yet a BCA employee, BCA has been very inclusive by inviting studying scholars to its events, such as BiG Day Out and the annual Dinner and Dance. BCA also send out its monthly publication, Pillars, to studying scholars to allow us to be updated with the latest developments in the built environment. Through such events and initiatives, I feel like I am already a part of the BCA family even though I am still studying. In addition, I have forged strong friendships with my fellow BCA scholars, as well as scholars from other public sector agencies.

4. What is your burning ambition for your BCA career and how would you go about achieving it?

I really wish to work in the Building Engineering cluster and to use my technical skills as a civil engineer to contribute to the betterment of the built environment. I would need to improve my technical experience and knowledge and would also like to apply to be a Professional Engineer in the near future.