Soh Jing Jie Eddie

Auditor-General’s Office

Name: Soh Jing Jie Eddie
Year Awarded Scholarship: 2014
Scholarship Scheme: AGO Auditing Service Scholarship
Undergraduate University: NTU
Undergraduate Course: Bachelor of Accountancy


1. Why did you choose the AGO Auditing Service Scholarship?

Of the many scholarships available, I decided to apply for the AGO Auditing Service Scholarship and choose Government Auditing as my career, as I believe that the work of a government auditor is a fulfilling and meaningful one.

As the nation’s auditor, AGO conducts independent audits of Ministries and Statutory Boards, and report to the President and Parliament on the proper accounting and use of public resources to enhance public accountability. AGO’s core value of independence allows me to discharge my duties in an impartial and professional manner, which is much aligned with my personal values of integrity and accountability.

The AGO Auditing Service Scholarship provides me with the opportunity to develop my potential in the field of Government Auditing, and I am assured of a challenging and rewarding career once I join the AGO team upon graduation. At the AGO, there is comprehensive training designed to develop staff to maximise their potential. In addition, job rotation will be provided to allow exposure to different aspects of audit. I look forward to realising my aspirations and embarking on a meaningful career as an auditor for the nation.

2. What qualities should a scholar possess, and what do you think are your strengths that landed you the scholarship?

I believe that scholars should have passion for the job, good interpersonal skills, sharp analytical skills, and a strong desire to serve. My interest in auditing and desire to conduct checks and balances to ensure proper accountability of public resources led me on to find out more about the government auditing profession. My experience as a Student Councillor in Secondary School and Junior College in managing the budgets for events that we organised further affirmed the importance of financial prudence and audit as a check and balance in the accountability process.

My service in the Student Council also honed my communication and critical thinking skills, as I often had to liaise with various Colleges and external parties for the successful planning and execution of events. Perhaps the leadership and organisational skills which I had acquired during such co-curricular activities prepared me well for the scholarship interview.

Finally, I believe that a scholar should also recognise that he has been conferred privilege and honour through the scholarship, and he has an obligation to contribute back to the society through service. As an AGO Scholar, I am obliged to apply the best auditing practices in conducting audits of Ministries and Statutory Boards to ensure that public funds are managed in a fair and proper manner, so as to enhance public accountability.

3. How do you think you would be able to contribute to the Nation as an AGO scholar?

As the country progresses, there is an increasing need for public accountability and efficient use of resources. Even though Singapore has a good track record of transparency and efficiency, we should not rest on our laurels. As an AGO Scholar, I hope to be of service to our Nation by exercising due diligence in the execution of my duties, to ensure the proper use of public resources, and to bring the level of public accountability and efficiency to greater heights.

4. What advice do you have for prospective scholarship seekers?

Before applying for a scholarship, I urge prospective scholarship seekers to review your interests, aptitude and passion, as well as the work of the organisation that you are looking to start and grow your careers with. It is best to look for a scholarship that offers training opportunities that maximises your potential on the job. Finally, if the mission and vision of the sponsoring institution resonate with your values, chances are that you have found the right scholarship for yourself.