• Monetary Authority of Singapore


  • An all-rounder who have excelled in both academic and non-academic pursuits.
  • A go-getter, you would have demonstrated excellent leadership capabilities in your CCAs and in activities outside of school.
  • Have GCE A Levels, polytechnic diploma with merit or equivalent qualifications e.g. International Baccalaureate or high school diploma
  • The scholarship is open to Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents and foreign citizens who will undertake to obtain Singapore citizenship.  


Scholarship Type : Undergraduate (Mid-Term)

Course Category : Engineering, Science, Law, Media, Accountancy / Business / Finance Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences, Technology, Economics / Philosophy / Politics, Health Sciences Read more

Course of Study : Diplomatic Studies, Applied Biology, Naval Architecture, Economics Library Science, Information Science, Physical Education, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Nutrition, Social Sciences (European-American), Biomedical Science, Human Geography, Politics and Sociology, International Relations and History, Physiotherapy, Science and Security, Medical Social Work, Mathematical Economics, Economics, Conflict Resolution and Governance, Communications Studies, Educational Psychology, Plant Science, English, Applied Physics, Comparative Politics, Finance and Economics, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Land Economy, Applied Psychology, Mass Communications, Pure Mathematics, Ecology, Materials Science, Business, Natural Sciences (Biological), Economics, Politics and International Relations, Terrorism and Society, Public Administration, Biomedical Engineering, Health and Society, Mathematics and Statistics, Radiation Therapy, Molecular Biology, Philosophy, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Statistics, Contemporary China, Science, Technology and Society, Economics and Geography, Decision Sciences, Applied Statistics, Geography, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, Global Health, Asian Studies, Arts with Dip-Ed, Political Science, Electronics Engineering, Governing the Large Metropolis, Environmental Sciences and Policy, Operations Research and Engineering, Civil and Structural Engineering, Respiratory Therapy, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Accountancy, Science, Financial Engineering, Urban Studies, Social Policy with Government, Applied Mathematics with Economics, Educational Psychology, Southeast Asian Studies, Diagnostic Radiography, Natural Sciences (Physical), Education Studies, Mathematics, Malay Language and Literature, Economics and Linguistics, International Liberal Studies, Engineering Management, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Social Studies, International Economics, Aeronautical Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Journalism, Psychology in Education, Information Security, Cell and Molecular Biology, Theatre Studies and Drama, Global Health Science, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics, International Affairs, Politics and International Relations, Bio-Technology, Translation Studies, History, Politics and Economics, Economics and Linguistics, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Psychology and Language Sciences, Liberal Arts, Strategic Studies, Environmental Management, Public Health, Modern Society and Global Transformation, International Relations, French Language and Literature, Human Development, Social Sciences, Applied English Linguistics, Arts and Social Sciences, Neuroscience, Politics and Philosophy, Management Science, Management Science and Operational Research, English and Comparative Literature, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, International and Development Economics, Business Management, Chinese Language, Governance, International Law, Social and Political Science, Forestry, International Studies, Plant Physiology, Environmental Policy, Financial Economics, Fine Arts, Podiatry, Tamil Language and Literature, Japanese Studies, Biochemistry, Speech Therapy, Digital Media, Pharmacy, Radiography, History and Politics, Biostatistics, Environmental Policy with Economics, South Asian Studies, Comparative Arts and Media Studies, Global Governance & Diplomacy, Computational Engineering, Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences, Computer Engineering, Criminology, Veterinary Science, Business Studies, Mechatronic Engineering, Political Science and Economics, Operations Research and Information Engineering, Environmental Studies, International Politics, Telecommunications Engineering, Nursing, Communications and New Media, Economics and Statistics, Economics for Development, English Language and Literature, Food Science, Biochemical Engineering, Zoology, Computational Science, Applied Economics, Biology, Health Science, Biomedical Science, International Policy Studies, Government, Life Sciences, Economics and Geography, International Law and Global Security, Chinese Studies, Chemical Engineering, Media Studies, Audiology, Art History, Natural Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Science with Dip-Ed, Physics, Media, Plant Breeding, Soil Science, Public Policy, Biological Sciences, Marine Engineering, Law, International Business, Finance and Economics, Systems Engineering, Law and Diplomacy, Economics and Philosophy, English Literature, Civil Engineering, Engineering Systems, Finance, Economics and Statistics, History and Economics, Global Affairs, Operational Research, Malay Studies, Economics and Political Science, Horticulture, War Studies, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Computer Science, Politics, Psychology & Sociology, Physical Sciences, Arboriculture, Development Studies, Mathematics and Economics, Regional Studies, Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences, Operations Research, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Botany, Linguistics, Applied Economics, Music, Biomechanical Engineering, Nature, Society and Environmental Policy, Middle Eastern Studies, Anthropology, Japanese Language and Literature, Computing, Economics, Politics and International Relations, Management, Media and Communications, Sociology, Information and Communication, Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace Engineering, Banking and Finance, Urban Ecology, Information Technology, Business Analytics and Big Data, Economics and Management, Orthoptics, Environmental Science, Environmental Politics and Economics, Biomaterials, Theory and Practice of Translation (Asian and African Languages), Arts, Technology and Policy, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Chemistry, Data Analytics, Aerospace Engineering, Philosophy and Economics, Engineering Science, Electrical Engineering, Dietetics, Philosophy and Education, Actuarial Science, English Language, Government and Legal Studies, Politics of the International Economy, Materials Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Telecommunications, Politics, Materials Engineering, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Near Eastern Studies, Human Social and Political Sciences, East Asian Studies, Global Thought, International Political Economy, Plant Protection, Regional Studies in East Asia, Landscape Management, Chinese Language and Literature, Mathematics with Statistics, Business Administration, Health Promotion, Ethics, Politics and Economics, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Government and Economics, Mathematical Economics, Plant Taxonomy, Bioengineering, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Read more

Country/Region of Study : Germany, China, France, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States Japan Read more


Learn and grow at the world’s best universities, embark on a rewarding career in a dynamic organisation and shape the financial markets of tomorrow. All with one prestigious award.

You are free to take up any course of study at any reputable university, with the exception of Medicine, Dentistry and Architecture. Given our wide range of functions, MAS looks for diversity in our workforce, with creativity in thinking and adaptability in style.

Students in or before their penultimate year of undergraduate studies are eligible for the MAS Mid-Term Scholarship. The MAS Mid-Term Scholarship offer is conditional upon the candidate’s performance during an internship with MAS of at least 8 weeks duration.

Upon completion of your studies, you will be required to work for MAS for six years if you study overseas and four years if you study locally.


  • Tuition and other approved fees 
  • Return airfare (if applicable)
  • Maintenance allowance
  • Pre-studies allowance 
  • Sponsorship of Exchange Programme / Study Abroad Programme / Summer School (if requirements are met)
  • Sponsorship of Masters degree (if requirements are met) 
  • 8 weeks internship during 2nd year of Undergraduate studies


Bachelor's degree


Upon completion of your studies, you will be required to work for MAS for six years if you study overseas and four years if you study locally.