• Ministry of Communications and Information


Applicants must:

  • Be Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents intending to take up citizenship
  • Possess GCE 'A' Levels (minimum 10 academic units), International Bacculaureate (IB), or Polytechnic Diploma holders (with merit) or equivalent
  • ‘A’ Level candidates should offer at least 10 academic units
  • Have good co-curricular activity (CCA) record
  • Possess strong leadership qualities with an interest to pursue a career in the Information Service


Scholarship Type : Undergraduate

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Country/Region of Study : Australia, China, United Kingdom, Singapore, United States Read more


Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) offers scholarships to candidates with a passion for government communications work. From listening to citizens to explaining government policies, MCI ensures that Singaporeans are heard, connected, and engaged as citizens of Singapore. To find out more about what a career in public communications entails, please read more here.

Upon graduation, scholars can look forward to a rewarding and challenging career in the Information Service that spans a broad gamut of portfolios and responsibilities, as well as a comprehensive development plan comprising formal professional and leadership training, and secondments and attachments to other ministries and external agencies.

MCI Information Service and Information Service (Translation) Scholarship holders may choose from a diverse range of courses and universities for sponsored studies. Scholars can also look forward to developmental programmes and work attachment opportunities during their undergraduate studies. There is also the option of pursuing a fully-sponsored Master’s degree, if they fulfil the requirements.

Career progression:

Upon graduation, all scholars will join MCI as an Information Officer.

A career in the Singapore Government Information Service is rewarding and challenging, spanning a broad gamut of portfolios and responsibilities that are fundamental to good governance. As the government’s communications specialists, Information Officers have an important role to play in the entire value chain of governance from the formulation of policy, to its communication and delivery to the public, and the management of consequences arising from its implementation.

Information Officers will have the opportunity to work in various capacities in MCI, and be seconded to Government Ministries and Statutory Boards to help in communications of policies and programmes.

As a young officer, you will generally begin your career in MCI where you will receive formal professional and on-the-job training with rotations to divisions and affiliate attachments; or be seconded to serve in the corporate communications department in government agencies. Experienced officers may be seconded to government agencies to assume directorial positions in the public affairs/ corporate communications departments or serve as Press Secretaries to Ministers.


  • Tuition fees and other approved charges
  • Maintenance and other allowances
  • Return airfare (if applicable)
  • Sponsorship of approved development programmes, student exchange programmes, summer programmes and CCAs
  • Sponsorship of Master’s degree (if requirements are met)


Bachelor's Degree


For undergraduate study in English-speaking countries: 6 years
For undergraduate study in non-English speaking countries (e.g China): 5 years
For undergraduate study in Singapore: 4 years