Legal Service Officers (“LSOs”) in the Singapore Legal Service are appointed by the Singapore Legal Service Commission (“the LSC”). 

The mission of the LSC is to maintain a dedicated corps of officers with integrity and ability to staff the Judiciary, the Attorney-General's Chambers and the Legal Service departments of various Ministries and other arms of Government. 

Structure of the Singapore Legal Service

The Legal Service consists of two branches - the Judicial Branch and the Legal Branch.  LSOs appointed to the Legal Service may be posted to either branch in the course of their careers.

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A Unique Career
The breadth and scope of experience that is available to a Legal Service Officer (“LSO”) is unsurpassed. LSOs are provided numerous opportunities and exposure to a broad spectrum of challenging and interesting work that is not available elsewhere. These include prosecution, public international law, constitutional & administrative law, legislative drafting and judicial work.

LSOs may serve as a Deputy Public Prosecutor or State Counsel at the Attorney-General’s Chambers. LSOs may also be appointed a District Judge, Magistrate, Coroner or Registrar at the State Courts, the Supreme Court or the Family Justice Courts; or Directors/Heads of Legal Service departments or Legal Counsel in Ministry HQs, departments and the Registries. LSOs may, in addition, be seconded to specific statutory boards/statutory bodies to undertake legal work.

Public Service
You will, as an LSO, have a noble and fulfilling legal career that will make a difference to and have a positive impact on our society. You will serve and protect the interests of the public and the nation. You will directly participate in the administration of justice and be in a position to advance the rule of law in Singapore.

Career Development
The Legal Service adopts a personnel management system in which every LSO is accorded the opportunity to develop to the fullest of his/her potential within the Legal Service.

The young LSOs will be provided training in core legal/professional areas with a focus on the officers acquiring the requisite capabilities and professional expertise to meet the needs of the Legal Service.

The eligible LSOs may be considered for specialist/vocational training. This may include attachments to suitable law firms, leading barristers’ chambers, or other partner organisations for exposure to the private/legal services sector and to relevant specialist legal work. The eligible LSOs may also be considered for commercial attachments to organisations/companies.


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