NLB manages the National Library, 26 Public Libraries and the National Archives.

NLB promotes reading, learning and information literacy by providing a trusted, accessible and globally-connected library and information service through the National Library and a comprehensive network of Public Libraries. By forging strategic partnerships to cultivate knowledge sharing, the libraries also encourage appreciation and awareness of Singapore’s history through their wide range of programmes and collection on Singapore and regional content. The National Archives of Singapore oversees the collection, preservation and management of public and private archival records, including government files, private memoirs, maps, photographs, oral history interviews and audio-visual materials.

Established on 1 September 1995 as a statutory board, NLB is an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).



Readers for Life, Learning Communities, Knowledgeable Nation


We make knowledge come alive, spark imagination and create possibilities.


The NLB Scholarship offers promising talents in Singapore with the opportunity to pursue full-time undergraduate studies to advance library and archives development, and also to grow domain expertise in various knowledge fields. Examples of relevant knowledge fields include, but are not limited to: Library Science, Information Science, Southeast Asian Studies, South Asian Studies, History, English, Chinese, Literature, Geography and Contemporary China.

As an NLB scholar, you will play a key role in fulfilling NLB's mission of making knowledge come alive, sparking imagination and creating possibilities. Be part of a dynamic team that works towards NLB's vision of readers for life, learning communities and a knowledgeable nation. Embark on a rewarding career with an internationally recognised, well-loved public service organisation that is distinguished by its pursuit of excellence in innovation and customer service.


Application for the NLB Scholarship is opened from January till March annually.


To apply, visit the NLB Scholarship page.


NLB values staff development and is committed to develop staff to their fullest potential. Upon successful completion of their studies, scholars will serve their first posting at one of NLB’s core business units: Public Library, National Library or the National Archives of Singapore.

Subsequently, scholars will have the opportunity to be posted to another core business unit, to a corporate function or to be seconded to a Ministry for cross-learning and to increase exposure.

Hence, the progression of an NLB Scholar is not limited to opportunities that are available only within NLB.


For any enquiries, you may drop us an email at