Working at MTI puts you at the heart of Singapore’s economic policy-making. MTI oversees a full range of economic activities, including trade, manufacturing, tourism, resources and energy among others. You will be at the forefront of change, facing ever-shifting and diverse challenges that will impact the lives of fellow Singaporeans. At MTI, your work contributes to the goals of promoting Singapore’s economic growth, creating good jobs enabling Singaporeans to improve their lives.

Our Mission: To promote economic growth and create good jobs, to enable Singaporeans to improve their lives.

Our Vision: For Singapore to be a leading global city of enterprise and talent, a vibrant nation of innovation and opportunity.

Economist Service: The Economist Service (ES) is the premier service for professional economists in the Singapore public sector. ES officers are deployed across the public sector, with the purpose of enhancing the economic analysis of public policies. ES officers keep a close watch on global and domestic developments, and analyse their impact on the Singapore economy. ES officers also closely support the policy-making process by conducting economic research, providing economic advice on the formulation of policies, and evaluating existing policies. They do so for a wide range of policies, including trade, manpower, fiscal, healthcare and housing policies.


The application period is from 13 July 2020 – 15 March 2021.


Interested students should apply for the ES scholarship through the PSC gateway portal, indicating “Economist Service” as their first choice of service.


The Economist Service (ES) provides a well-defined career pathway with opportunities for rotation across the public sector. Most economists start in MTI, the parent ministry of the ES, and are subsequently posted to other ministries and statutory boards to gain exposure. As economists progress to become senior economists, they will be entrusted to lead teams and play an active role in developing the research pipeline.


At MTI, what we do go beyond expanding our economy, industries and businesses. It is about our people and that dream of a better life. Whether you are conducting economic research and analysis to support the policy-making process as an Economist, or involved in trade negotiations to further Singapore's trade interests as a Trade Officer, you play a part in shaping Singapore's future. See and hear our officers share what they do at MTI.


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For further enquiries, please contact:

Ms Ng Sin Lay
Senior Assistant Director

Human Resource Division