The Home Team works together to protect our nation, our community and our people by safeguarding them from threats, upholding order and peace, and building community resilience. Our collective efforts ensure that Singapore and all who live here enjoy peace and security.


1. The Singapore Police Force Scholarship

The Singapore Police Force Scholarship (The SPF Scholarship) is one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded by the Public Service Commission. It is awarded to candidates who have shown outstanding leadership qualities, possess impeccable integrity and have a strong interest in policing work to safeguard our nation.

2. Singapore Merit Scholarship

The Singapore Merit Scholarship (SMS) is offered to individuals with excellent academic results and leadership capabilities. The journey for each scholarship holder begins with an education at a prestigious university before being groomed to take on key positions in the Home Team Uniformed Services after they graduate.   

3. Singapore Government Scholarship / Singapore Government Scholarship (Mid-term)

The Singapore Government Scholarship (SGS) provides highly qualified individuals opportunities to pursue undergraduate studies in top overseas or local universities. The scholarship holders will take on rewarding careers as Senior Officers in one of the Home Team Departments.

4. Home Team Science and Technology / Home Team Science and Technology (Mid-term)

The SGS (HT Science and Technology) is for highly qualified individuals with strong interests in the application of Science and Technology in Home Team operations. SGS (S&T) scholarship holders will read science and engineering disciplines at the undergraduate level in top overseas or local universities. The scholarship holders will be groomed for Ops-Tech uniformed leadership positions in the Home Team.

5. SCDF Paramedic Scholarship / SCDF Paramedic Scholarship (Mid-term)

The Singapore Civil Defence Force Paramedic Scholarship (SCDF Paramedic Scholarship) provides scholarship recipients with a meaningful and rewarding career in the SCDF. The recipients will read Para-medicine or related disciplines in Emergency Health or Clinical Practice in top universities. Scholarship recipients will acquire advanced medical competencies, policy conceptualisation skills, and command abilities through various postings to prepare them for key leadership positions.

6. MHA Merit Scholarship / MHA Merit Scholarship (Mid-term)

The MHA Merit Scholarship (MMS) is for outstanding individuals who are passionate in strengthening Singapore's security and public safety. Recipients can choose from a range of exciting and rewarding career in various policy, science and technology, and other specialist roles in the Home Team, aligned with their interest and aspirations.

7. Local Merit Scholarship / Local Merit Scholarship (Mid-term)

The Local Merit Scholarship (LMS) supports highly qualified and promising individuals with an undergraduate education at a local university before starting their careers in one of the Home Team Departments. An LMS scholar will be given opportunities to take on leadership positions in the Home Team.


The application period is from 1 Aug of each year to 15 March the following year.


Applications for the Home Team Scholarships are administered by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Interested applicants can apply via the PSC Gateway.


We provide our officers with opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Scholarship holders will go through a structured posting framework where they will acquire specialised capabilities and staff and command competencies. They will be given developmental opportunities such as overseas study visits, training programmes, and action-based projects to expand their horizon and acquire a wide range of skills.

Through all these, we bring out the best in our officers so as to help them realise their potential to be our future Home Team leaders.

Eligible scholarship holders will be emplaced on the Public Service Leadership Programme where they will be given opportunities beyond the Home Team, to acquire specialised knowledge and capabilities to enable them to take on the most senior leadership positions in the Home Team.


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