The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) oversees the development of the infocomm technology, cyber security, media and design sectors; the national library, national archives and public libraries; as well as Government’s information and public communication policies. MCI’s mission is to connect our people to community, government and opportunity, enabled by trustworthy infrastructure and technology.


An engaged and connected Singapore


We connect people to community, government and opportunity.

Core Values


We treat each other as individuals and value each other’s strengths, experiences and views.


We are committed to excel in our work and take responsibility for our actions.


We complement and support each other to pursue our shared vision and goals.

Key Responsibilities

Connecting Citizen to Government

MCI plays an important role in public communications. From listening to citizens to explaining government policies, MCI ensures that Singaporeans are heard, connected, and engaged as citizens of Singapore.

Building a resilient and trusted cyber environment

Singapore’s Cybersecurity Strategy aims to build a trusted cyber environment, to realise the benefits of technology and secure a better future for Singaporeans. The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) work with government agencies and private organisations to build resilient infrastructure, create a safer cyberspace, develop a vibrant cyber ecosystem and strengthen international partnerships.

DesignSingapore Council

The DesignSingapore Council was established in 2003 to help develop the nation’s design sector. This follows from the Economic Review Committee’s report which identified the creative industry as one of the three new sectors (including education and healthcare) for economic growth. The DesignSingapore Council is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information. Developing the design sector, an important part of the creative industry, can help to enhance Singapore’s value proposition; as well as contribute to the country’s economic growth and social progress.


The Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) offers scholarships to candidates with a passion for government communications work. Upon graduation, scholars can look forward to a rewarding and challenging career that spans a broad gamut of portfolios and responsibilities, as well as a comprehensive development plan comprising formal professional and leadership training, and secondments and attachments to other ministries and external agencies.

Scholarships Offered:


The application periods for the following scholarships are provided below:

MCI Undergraduate Scholarships: 1 Sep - 15 Mar

  • MCI Information Service Scholarship
  • MCI Information Service (Translation) Scholarship

MCI Undergraduate Scholarships (Mid-Term): 1 Sep - 15 Mar

  • MCI Information Service Mid-Term Scholarship
  • MCI Information Service Mid-Term (Translation) Scholarship 


For details on the application process and account registration, please visit the PSC Gateway Application Portal. All applications are to be submitted via the PSC Gateway. Please indicate "Information Service" as your top choice of service.

For candidates who are interested in the MCI Information Service (Translation) Scholarship:
Please email to to indicate your interest if you are intending to apply for the Translation Scholarship in the 2020 Scholarship Cycle.


Upon graduation, all scholars will join MCI as an Information Officer.

A career in the Singapore Government Information Service is rewarding and challenging, spanning a broad gamut of portfolios and responsibilities that are fundamental to good governance. As the government’s communications specialists, Information Officers have an important role to play in the entire value chain of governance from the formulation of policy, to its communication and delivery to the public, and the management of consequences arising from its implementation.
Information Officers will have the opportunity to work in various capacities in MCI, and be seconded to Government Ministries and Statutory Boards to help in communications of policies and programmes.

As a young officer, you will generally begin your career in MCI where you will receive formal professional and on-the-job training with rotations to divisions and affiliate attachments; or be seconded to serve in the corporate communications department in government agencies. Experienced officers may be seconded to government agencies to assume directorial positions in the public affairs/ corporate communications departments or serve as Press Secretaries to Ministers.

For Translation scholars, you will generally begin your career in the MCI Translation Department and subsequently be posted to other divisions or public agencies where your language capabilities could be tapped on or for exposure to other areas of information work. Experienced Translation scholars could also be further groomed to assume the role of government translators / interpreters.


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We are located at:

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