The Energy Market Authority (EMA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Our main goals are to ensure a reliable and secure energy supply, promote effective competition in the energy market and develop a dynamic energy sector in Singapore. Through our work, EMA seeks to forge a progressive energy landscape for sustained growth.

EMA has three key roles to play:

1. Power Systems Operator:
As the Power System Operator (PSO), EMA is responsible for the reliable supply of electricity to consumers, as well as the operation of the power system in Singapore. The Power System Control Centre (PSCC) functions as the nerve centre of the electricity generation and transmission system. PSCC system operators look after the electricity transmission system and generators in power stations. They also ensure system security round the clock.

As the natural gas and power systems are closely interlinked, PSO also oversees the operation of the natural gas transmission system.

To ensure future electricity generation and transmission capacities remain adequate and reliable, PSO carries out power system studies. Additionally, it assesses the impact of new generating plants as well as the expansion plans of electricity and gas transmission licensees.


2. Industry Developer:

EMA also fosters a dynamic energy sector in Singapore as the industry developer.
We take a proactive role in advancing manpower capabilities, catalysing innovations and establishing thought leadership in the country during the annual Singapore International Energy Week. We are also stepping up efforts on residential energy efficiency.


3. Industry Regulator:

Since its formation in April 2001, EMA has been regulating Singapore’s electricity and gas industries as well as district cooling services in designated areas.

We are also responsible for ensuring the security, reliability and adequacy of electricity supply to keep the lights on.

EMA has created a regulatory framework and developed a market structure that promotes competition and a level playing field in the electricity and gas industries, whilst protecting consumers’ interests.



At EMA, we believe that a future of innovative and efficient energy that lasts for Singapore begins with a single spark, yours. This is why we want to offer a scholarship that will enable you to pursue the education necessary to achieve your dreams with us.

Upon graduation, an exciting and rewarding career at EMA awaits, where you will help shape and change the energy landscape in Singapore with your learnt skills and knowledge. It is your opportunity to envision a bright and vibrant future with us.

EMA offers the following scholarship

More information on our full-term scholarships can be found here.


For full term local and overseas scholarship:
March – April 2018


For details on the application process and account registration, please visit the EMA Scholarship Portal (for full term local and overseas scholarship).


Upon graduation, be prepared to apply the skills and knowledge that you have acquired, as a challenging and rewarding career at EMA awaits you.

You will help shape energy policies and develop a robust regulatory framework for Singapore’s energy landscape to ensure a vibrant and competitive energy market.

You will be responsible for regulating the electricity and gas licensees or managing the operation of Singapore’s power system to ensure a secure and reliable source of energy supply.

Management Executive
You will be responsible for the operational activities of our Corporate Services Group, establishing sound corporate policies and enhancing organisational performance at EMA.


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We will reply to email enquiries within 3 working days. If we need more time for checks, we will keep you informed.
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