The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) ensures a resilient supply of safe food, safeguards the health of animals and plants, and facilitates agri-trade for the well-being of Singapore.


Safe food, health animals and plants for Singapore; trusted and respected globally.


  • Ensure a resilient supply of safe food;
  • Ensure the health & safeguard the welfare of animals;
  • Safeguard the health of plants;
  • Facilitate agri-trade; and
  • Nurture and inspire staff to be the best we can be!



AVA is the vanguard in protecting what matters to Singapore – food, animals and plants. Be an AVA scholar, and join a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in ensuring a resilient supply of safe food, safeguarding the health of animals and plants, and facilitating agri-trade for Singapore. AVA offers the AVA Undergraduate Scholarship.


The AVA undergraduate scholarship opens for applications in February and closes 2 weeks after the release of the GCE ‘A’ Level results in Singapore. Applicants for our mid-term scholarship will also apply in this period.


Applications for the AVA Undergraduate Scholarship are submitted online. Please click here to apply.


AVA offers our scholars development opportunities including:

  • Job rotation to different areas of work, such as operations, research & laboratory, and policy & planning
  • Secondment to other agencies
  • Technical training
  • Leadership/management training
  • Postgraduate programmes


Application Process

1. When do applications open and close?

The AVA undergraduate scholarship opens for applications in February and closes 2 weeks after the release of the GCE 'A' Level results.

2. How often does the AVA undergraduate scholarship open for application?

Our scholarship opens for application once a year from February to 2 weeks after the release of the GCE 'A' Level results in Singapore. Mid-term applicants will also apply in this period. Upon closing of the application period, all applicants will be assessed together based on merit.

3. I would like to apply for the scholarship before/after the application period. How may I do so?

Applications for the AVA undergraduate scholarship should be submitted during the application period.

4. I have just enlisted for National Service (NS). Should I apply for the scholarship during NS or after I complete NS?

You could apply either during or upon completion of your NS. If you are awarded the scholarship during NS, we are able to defer the commencement of the scholarship until you complete your NS.

5. Can I apply using my preliminary examination results?

No, all scholarship applications should include your results from the GCE 'A' Level/International Baccalaureate/NUS High School Diploma/Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent qualifications.

6. How do I apply for the scholarship?

Applications for our scholarship are submitted online. A link to the application portal will be provided on this website when our scholarship opens for application.

7. What documents should I submit with my online application?

You may consider attaching documents that will enhance your application such as reference letters or letters of recommendation. Supporting documents (e.g. GCE 'O' Level certificate, CCA certificates) are not necessary at this point.

8. I would like to prepare my supporting documents beforehand. What are the documents that will be needed?

  • NRIC (SAF11B for those serving full-time National Service)
  • Examination certificates (From GCE 'O' Level onwards). Mid-term applicants should prepare a copy of their latest university transcript
  • School testimonials and school leaving certificates (From secondary school onwards)
  • CCA records (From secondary school onwards)
  • Certificate of service (For male applicants who have completed their full-time NS)
  • Letter of offer from universities

Further documentation may be requested should the need arise.


If you have further enquiries, please email us at or visit our Contact Us page