The Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP)



The Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) is a structured programme focused on developing talent in specialised areas or industries. The PSLP aims to develop you to your fullest potential through the General Phase and the Sectoral Phase.


General Phase


You will be rotated through two or more roles in the Public Service. These structured rotations are designed to develop you in core public governance capabilities. The rotations also offer you the opportunity to explore and gain experience in at least two different sectors (see description of sectors under ‘Sectoral Phase’) of the Public Service.


Scholarship holders on the Professional Service schemes will be offered different career pathways under the General Phase of the PSLP. For example, PSC Scholarship (Teaching) and PSC Scholarship (Foreign Service) scholarship holders will start work in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively, and be posted to another Ministry for a 2nd posting under the General Phase of the PSLP. PSC Scholarship (Engineering) holders will be considered for a specialised track within the PSLP, tailored for a specialised engineering career in the Public Service



After the General Phase of the PSLP, you will have the opportunity to be developed as a Specialist Sectoral Leader in the Sectoral Phase of the PSLP, or as a Generalist Leader under the Administrative Service. Sectoral and Generalist Leaders complement one another’s work by contributing different expertise and perspectives, thus equipping the Public Service with both breadth and depth of skill sets and capabilities.


Sectoral Phase


In the Sectoral Phase, you will be given the developmental opportunities and critical experiences to build deep competencies in a specific sector. You will have targeted rotations to other agencies in your chosen sector, as well as training programmes designed to expose you to key developments and cross-cutting issues within your sector. Through an immersive and hands-on experience, you will gain a deeper appreciation of your sector and develop your domain expertise as a specialist leader.



There are five sectors under the Sectoral Phase:


(1) Economy Building


Contribute to driving economic growth, maintaining macroeconomic stability, regulating and developing industries and strengthening Singapore’s pro-business environment, while looking out for the socio-economic well-being of fellow Singaporeans. 



Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Research and Innovation, Industry and Enterprise Development, International Economic Relations, and Economic Planning, Policy and Regulation.



(2) Infrastructure & Environment


Help transform our collective vision of Singapore into reality: a vibrant city-state with a clean and sustainable environment, robust infrastructure and excellent connectivity. 



Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Research and Innovation, Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulation, Integrated Physical Planning, Infrastructure, Engineering and Design, Project Development and Management, Operations, and Service Delivery and Enforcement.



(3) Social


Make a difference by forging a cohesive, resilient, caring and inclusive society.



Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Social Research and Innovation, Planning and Policy, Sector Development, Community Development, Operations, and Service Delivery and Compliance.



(4) Security


Be responsible for safeguarding our country by building a resilient government with strong enforcement capabilities and sound security policies.



Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Policy, Planning and Research, Operations and Engagement, Science and Technology, and Intelligence.



(5) Central Administration


Play a key role in developing a consultative, customer-centric and effective government. Your career will be in core governance functions that are critical to all public sector agencies.



Career opportunities in this sector will develop you in the domain areas of Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, and Public Communications.


PSC Scholarship (Engineering) holders will be tied to one of the Engineering clusters - (i) Defence & Security, (ii) Information & Communications Technology and Smart Systems or (iii) Infrastructure and Environment – and be emplaced on the PSLP (General Phase – Engineering) upon graduation. As the PSC Scholarship (Engineering) offers a specialised engineering career proposition, these scholarship holders will be given dedicated resources to pursue an engineering career in the Public Service. Scholarship holders can spend up to four years developing deep technical capabilities in their first engineering job, then have another engineering-related posting in a different agency to deepen their engineering expertise and widen their experience. The aim is for the scholarship holders to be challenged with technical demands which will sharpen their domain skills and hone them into experts in their field. These scholarship holders will also be provided with training and developmental opportunities to develop their leadership skills.



Administrative Service


The Administrative Service aims to develop leaders with whole-of-government perspectives and capabilities, to formulate and implement policies that will improve the lives of Singaporeans.


You will gain a deep under
standing of the interdependencies across the Public Service through your career in the Administrative Service, where you will enjoy the unique opportunity to work in different sectors of the Public Service. Administrative officers could be posted to private sector companies to better understand businesses and markets, or to work in other non-Civil Service organisations.



As you progress in your career, you will also be developed for key leadership positions through structured programmes.


Training & Development


While you are in the Civil Service, there are structured training programmes and opportunities available to increase your understanding of the challenges and constraints facing Singapore.



The Foundation Course


During this 9-week course, you will gain a firm grounding in the values, knowledge and skills essential to assume a leadership position within the Public Service, and a deeper understanding of Singapore and ASEAN. It includes attachments to operational departments, grassroots and social service organisations. You will participate in closed-door discussions with leading decision-makers, visit ASEAN countries, and meet with your overseas counterparts to widen your perspectives on regional issues.


Whole-of-Government Milestone Programmes


To better prepare you for leadership positions within the Public Service, you will participate in Whole-of-Government milestone programmes at appropriate points of your career. There will be opportunities for you to network with Public Service leaders and gain a broad understanding of the latest developments in areas beyond your scope of work.


Sector-Specific Development Programmes


Each of the five sectors presents a unique set of challenges. To address these challenges, there will be opportunities for you to undergo sector-specific training and development programmes to equip you with the most relevant skills and domain knowledge. There may also be opportunities for you to participate in attachments to private, public and international organisations as well as academic institutions.


Postgraduate Studies


Officers who have performed well may be offered the opportunity to be sponsored for postgraduate studies to deepen their domain knowledge. For Sectoral Leaders, specialist postgraduate studies include PhDs, Masters and Specialist Diploma programmes at internationally recognised institutions around the world.


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