Preparation for a public sector career begins when a PSC Scholarship holder is awarded the scholarship. PSC Scholarship holders are exposed to and equipped with the values, skills, and perspectives to better serve Singapore and Singaporeans through various development programmes.


Preparatory Course


When? Before leaving for undergraduate studies.


How long? Approximately two weeks.


What is it? The Preparatory Course gives new scholarship holders the opportunity to reflect on their role as an ambassador of the Public Service, and as a future public servant. Participants also build camaraderie with fellow scholarship holders.


PSC Scholarship Holders’ Mid-Course Programme (PSMP)


When? After the second year of undergraduate studies.


How long? Approximately six to eight weeks.


What is it? The PSMP builds on the foundations laid in the Preparatory Course and the scholarship holders’ undergraduate experiences. It helps scholarship holders think more deeply about principles and challenges in the Public Service.


Gap Year Programme 


When? Upon completion of university studies and National Service (where applicable).


How long? Up to one year.


What is it? The Gap Year Programme gives PSC scholarship holders on the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) the opportunity to experience and better understand the business operations, challenges and ethos of private companies. The scholarship holders will have the option to take up an attachment in non-public sector organisations, either locally or overseas for a specified period. Such exposure will give the scholarship holders a more rounded development and a better understanding of the private sector. This will allow the scholarship holders to be effective in policy development when they subsequently return to the public sector.