Have a passion for the security and defence of Singapore and Singaporeans? You can consider a Uniformed Service scholarship which allows you to serve in either the Singapore Armed Forces or the Singapore Police force.


The SAF Scholarship


The Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship (The SAF Scholarship) is awarded to outstanding candidates who see honour in serving and defending the country.


The SAF Scholarship holders embark on a meaningful and exciting military career with the SAF. You will be given command appointments, where you will lead men – regulars and national servicemen – through tough training and challenging operations, to safeguard our peace and security. You will also take on staff appointments, where you will play the role of a force planner, a military strategist or a defence diplomat for the SAF. You will have opportunities to attend academic and military courses, both locally and overseas. You will see yourself grow professionally, and as a leader and a thinker.


As a recipient of The SAF Scholarship, you will be fully sponsored to pursue an undergraduate degree in an overseas university. You will receive full pay and allowances while studying. During university vacations, you will be attached to local or foreign military units.


The SPF Scholarship


The Singapore Police Force Scholarship (The SPF Scholarship) is awarded to outstanding candidates who have shown outstanding academic performance and leadership qualities, and wish to play the role of protecting our country, community and loved ones through a career in the Singapore Police Force.


As a recipient of The SPF Scholarship, you will start your journey in world-renowned universities and experience living abroad independently. When you return, you will have unique opportunities to be involved in shaping policies to tackle real-life law and order, safety and security challenges that confront our society and play an integral role in protecting our country, community and loved ones.


As a leader, your determination to make a difference will change and inspire the lives of many!


For enquiries, please refer to the individual scholarship page, FAQs or send your questions to psc@psd.gov.sg