Interested to experience a wide spectrum of governance work from policy formulation to implementation? The Public Administration career pathway provides diverse experiences and opportunities for you to develop as a generalist or specialist leader in the Public Service.


As a PSC Scholarship holder, you will be emplaced on the Public Service Leadership Programme upon graduation and groomed for generalist or sectoral leadership positions within the Public Service.


You will embark on your Public Service career at an appropriate agency depending on the Public Service’s manpower needs and your suitability for the position.


PSC Scholarship


As a PSC Scholarship holder, you may choose to read from a range of disciplines at local or overseas universities.


To prepare you for a career in the Public Service, there are a series of developmental programmes during your study years.


You will also have the option of pursuing a fully-sponsored Master’s degree, if you fulfil the requirements.


PSC Mid-Term Scholarship


As an undergraduate, if your passion is to pursue a career in the Civil Service, you can apply for the PSC Mid-Term Scholarship.


If you are interested in a Mid-Term PSC Scholarship, you should apply for the scholarship before the final year of your course with at least one semester of university results. The application period for the PSC Mid-Term Scholarship is from 1 September to 30 April the following year.


If you are already in your final year of undergraduate studies, it is best that you apply for the PSC Master’s Scholarship instead.


PSC Master's Scholarship


The PSC Master's Scholarship is for undergraduates at any year of study who are keen to pursue a Master's degree upon graduation, or recent graduates with no more than 3 years of working experience in the private/non-government sector.


The scholarship allows for up to 2 years of study at a local or overseas university and the course of study should be in an area relevant to the work of the Civil Service, as approved by the PSC. The scholarship is not offered for MBA programmes.


With the PSC Master's Scholarship, you will:

  • Pursue your Master’s course on a full-time basis at a reputable local or overseas university
  • Receive scholarship allowances (but not a salary) during your studies
  • Be appointed to the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) only after completing your Master's degree subject to meeting the requirements
  • Serve a bond of 3 years


Applicants must be prepared to start their Master's programme in the immediate Academic Year following the offer of the scholarship.


For enquiries, please refer to the individual scholarship page, FAQs or send your questions to