Already have a clear interest in a career track in the Public Service? The career tracks under the Professional Service pathway include the Engineering, Foreign Service, Legal Service and Medical Officer tracks or the Teaching Service.


Scholarship holders under the Engineering, Foreign and Teaching career tracks will be considered for the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) upon graduation. More specifically those who receive the PSC Scholarship (Engineering) will be tied to one of the three Engineering clusters - Infrastructure & Environment, Information and Communications Technology & Smart Systems, or Defence & Security. These scholarship holders will be emplaced on the PSLP (General Phase – Engineering). The scholarship holders can spend up to four years developing deep technical capabilities in their first engineering job, and then have another engineering posting in a different agency within the same cluster to deepen their engineering expertise and widen their experience.


Scholarship holders under the Legal Service scheme will embark on a career in the Singapore Legal Service upon graduation and will not be on the PSLP. Instead, they will participate in the administration of justice and undertake work that will advance the rule of law in Singapore.


The PSC Scholarship (Medicine) and PSC Scholarship (Dentistry) are offered as mid-term scholarships and are available to Medicine and Dentistry undergraduates studying in local universities, as well as to those currently pursuing their Doctor of Medicine (MD) studies at Duke-NUS Medical School. PSC Scholarship (Medicine) and PSC Scholarship (Dentistry) holders will be given opportunities to participate in various healthcare-related developmental programmes, have the option of developing their careers in MOH HQ and have the opportunity to be emplaced onto the Public Service Leadership Programme (PSLP) Sectoral Phase.  


Course of Study


Scholarship holders under the Foreign Service scheme can pursue a wide range of subjects in reputable overseas universities including those in China, France, Germany and Japan. If you choose to pursue a degree in Law, you will not be called to the Bar while serving in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


For scholarship holders under the Legal Service scheme, you can pursue Law at the National University of Singapore, the Singapore Management University and selected universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Scholarship holders under the Teaching Service may pursue any of the following teaching subjects:

  • Languages: English, Mother Tongue and Foreign Languages (French, German and Japanese)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Geography, History, Literature, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Asian Studies, European Studies, American Studies
  • Music and Fine Arts
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education and Sports


Under the PSC Scholarship (Engineering), scholarship holders will be required to pursue courses of study that complement their career choices and selected engineering cluster. Examples of supported courses (non-exhaustive) are:


        For the Defence and Security cluster:

  • Civil, Computer, Electrical & Electronic, or Mechanical Engineering


    For the Information and Communications Technology & Smart Systems cluster:

  • Business Analytics, Computing, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Security, Information Systems, or Industrial and Systems Engineering


    For the Infrastructure & Environment cluster:

  • Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Geotechnical, Mechanical, or Power Engineering


PSC Mid-Term Scholarship


If you are an undergraduate with a desire to pursue a career in the Professional Service after graduation, you can apply for the PSC Mid-Term Scholarships.


For enquiries, please refer to the individual scholarship page, FAQs or send your questions to